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The St. Petersburg company sells "MASTER" professional tools since 1990, and power tools Milwaukee (USA) since 2008.
The talented American Tool Milwaukee every day helps professionals working in different specialties: Builders, manufacturers of metal products, specialists in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electricians, fitters, specialists in renovation, kitchen furniture builders and workers in other occupations who need a powerful tool for hard work.

Milwaukee Tool - is a professional tool of the highest quality that will ensure long and reliable operation even under difficult operating conditions at the construction site and multi-shift operation in a production shop where such manufacture custom-made furniture.

Not all professionals of the construction market in Russia know that the Corporation Milwaukee Electric Tool - one of the world's largest manufacturers of portable electric power tools for professional workers. Products with a bright red sign "Milwaukee" are in great demand worldwide. The extensive product range covers over 600 different models of instruments - from a full range of storage products, Sawzall reciprocating saws, and other models of saws, drills, grinders, hammers and drills to tools for special jobs such as systems for diamond drilling, drilling on a magnetic rack, system pistol screwdrivers Sharp-Fire guns and battery for grouting.
Since its founding in 1924, Milwaukee company is the industry leader in the production of innovative products, as having, at last, in 2002 more than 137 U.S. patents and 179 foreign patents. Among the new innovative products include the world's first adjustable circular saw Tilt-Lok, and reciprocating saw Sawzall - The Hatchet with a 6-position rotatable handle.
The introduction of innovation continues today. These include a series of drills Lok-Tor and percussion drills, as well as some of the most widely represented industries in the 18-volt cordless tools with interchangeable batteries. The company prides itself on its reputation as the Milwaukee manufacturer of innovative and quality products, which manifests itself in everything from research customer needs, computer-aided design, extensive testing for durability and reliability, rapid prototype development and testing in working conditions prior to implementation into production.
In addition to the tools, the company produces over 3500 Milwaukee kinds of accessories for virtually every product. The range of accessories includes saw blades, Sawzall, blades for jigsaws, band, circular, and circular saws, twist drills, drill bits for wood, crown and diamond blade, grinding wheels, wire brushes, cutters, screwdrivers nozzle, abrasive wheels and belts, and as accessories for drills.
For the company's Milwaukee "Nothing But Heavy Duty" - not just a slogan. This commitment is firm to create tools that will cope with the heavy loads, to create tools that meet the requirements of these professionals - Instruments Class Heavy Duty.

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