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Atlas Copco

Компрессоры и компрессорное обрудование Atlas Copco

Compressors and compressor equipments Atlas Copco

Compressors and compressor equipments Atlas Copco (Atlas Copco)

Company Atlas Sorso is rightly recognized leader in the world of compressor engineering.

Highest reliability compressors Atlas Copco has for over 100 years and is known in Russia. At the beginning of the last century, in 1916 in Russia for more than 200 compressors Atlas Copco. Today, a century later, more than 12 000 Russian companies use this compressor as a reliable source of compressed air for the enterprises.

The company's policy is aimed at introducing the latest scientific developments in the technology of compressors and provide a quality compressed air. This allows the compressor Atlas Copco on technical solutions and reliability ahead of similar competitor models. It's safe to say that the technology of production of compressors Swedish concern is one step ahead, always ahead of them in a few years. Compressors Atlas Copco - the technologies of the future today.

In the line of equipment from Atlas Copco provides a complete range of equipment for compressed air of high quality:

  • compressors wide performance range of compressed air, various modifications, with built-in advanced control systems performance - for maximum energy savings;
  • Compressed air dryers - to prevent the accumulation of moisture in the pipeline of the customer;
  • compressed air filters - to prevent damage associated with fouling, pneumatic equipment of the customer;
  • large selection of accessories.

Of compressors Atlas Copco compressed air any consumer can find what you want to him.

Opting compressors Atlas Copco - You choose the reliability and efficiency of your production.

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