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Which drill to buy? What you need to know about him?

Hammers are gradually primacy of modern tools for repair and construction works. It is increasingly used not only in the global construction, but also at home. What you need to know the inexperienced person to make the right choice and buy a drill just be what he needs?
This tool is specially power failure partitions, walls, and shtrobleniya drilling holes in hard surfaces, as well as for cutting grooves and slots. Modern drills are also equipped with special nozzles, allowing quick and effortless twist and tighten the bolts and screws.

Main working part of the tool is a drill. When you choose to buy a drill immediately and appropriate for the drill when the drill going in the set, something you do not like.
The drill takes on the greatest stress, and therefore made of the most durable materials. By type of punch tip like a chisel or a chisel, and the sides are a spiral, in which products are drilling the outside.
What is different from the hammer drill?
From the usual drill is different in that in addition to a drill hole can produce shock and rotational movement. The unique ability to change the direction of rotation, cutting drum feature is the advantage of the perforator. With this feature, hammer can combine the functions of
a simple drill, screwdriver and a jackhammer.
Which drill to buy?
Hammers are often used for professional work, but also ordinary citizens seeking to make radical changes in their apartments, is successfully used to eliminate punch brick and concrete walls, creating arched openings, etc. Drills for such work does not fit.
On sale now are a lot of types of this tool. You can buy a punch: light, weighing 2 to 6.5 kg, the professional model of heavy weight of 7 kg and more. Easy home punchers usually have a capacity of 500 to 1000 watts, professional models - from 1000 watts and powerful.
Powerful professional punchers usually also equipped with optional jackhammer. The problem of efficiency in the operation of the shock gun in modern instruments is partly solved by reconfiguring the direction of the drill when it strikes the surface, which dampens shock striker.

Depending on the changing location of gearbox and motor in the drill. After purchasing, the model for home use, you will have a standard horizontal layout details. The vertical arrangement of the engine and gearbox can be applied with a very powerful tool blows. Such a device is used in professional heavy perforators that are large in size and are used for demolition and construction works.
Acquiring drill brands, the buyer receives a guaranteed safe and reliable tool.

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